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March 3, 2014

impact with an i

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In January, I started fus’ha arabic classes again. It’s lovely to sit and learn in the company of inspiring women. Again. And it is such an imaan boost. That lovely feeling where you feel connected to the higher purpose of your life, the absolute joy of it is incomparable. Four days a week, I study Arabic – the patterns within, the discrepancies that don’t fit and the lovely formulas that make sense of it all. And understand why something is said the way it is in the Quran.

The thing about these lovely imaan-highs, is that apart from making me feel at peace and like I’m literally floating through life, with a warm happy glow in my heart, is that it pushes me back towards continuous improvement. Yes, this is a business management concept but there’s no reason why it can’t be applied to life management. I think it is a central concept in Islam, anyhoo. You fall back one step, get up and keep moving back up.

So anyway, in the quest for self-betterment, I’ve been thinking about what kind of Muslim I want to be. About what I want as my defining characteristic. As the way to make the most impact. Or as the article that talked about living life by what you want your eulogy to be asked, what I want to be remembered for. I think I’ve reached a conclusion. It has got to be manners for me. I want to have beautiful manners, as a person and as a Muslim.

It’s nice to have a goal at least and I will try and put up my small steps here on this blog when I can!


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