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September 15, 2012

never before

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I’ve never felt the angst that some women did about becoming moms and losing a part of themselves. Sure, I missed having my me-time, and the normal stuff women all over the world take for granted like long showers and using the bathroom in peace – but I never once yearned for my old life. I missed bits and pieces but not with the intensity I saw in some of the women I know.

Until today. Today, I reconnected with a colleague who became a pretty good friend. She reminded me, during our short conversation, of all those things I’d forgotten about my single and before-kids life.

And with everything else going on – the house guests, the lack of help and the tipsy turvy routine – for the first time since I quit, four years ago, I wished, desperately, that I could turn back time. It wasn’t because of the kids as such so I don’t know if it counts as the same thing but I think I finally know what those blogging moms wrote so passionately about.


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  1. its never really BECAUSE of the kids, but rather where we find ourselves in life as per …. I dunno… what we thought it would be like? hard to explain but I’m sorry you can relate to it now. I’m kinda jealous you had 4 angst free years 😉 Good news? I HEAR it gets better.

    Comment by Javi — September 16, 2012 @ 2:56 am |Reply

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