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August 30, 2012

A little bit of sunshine, please

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It was early 2005 and Z and I were looking for our first apartment. I knew what I wanted and I think he knew pretty well what I wanted too. And so we got our first ‘home’ together – a small one bedroom apartment, that we just loved. About three years later, we were looking to move again.

This time my list of non-negotiables was longer. On Z’s list was just one thing – ONE thing and that was direct sunlight. I shrugged my shoulders and said, heck, okay, I love me some sunshine too. And so we got our second apartment, a roomier two bedroom apartment with huge windows that we spent four years in.

This year we moved again, to yet another apartment. That’s right, three bedrooms and of course, this one met all my non-negotiables but boy, did it meet Z’s two. We have our own parking space and BIG, sun-facing windows – all five of them. They’re quite literally picture windows, you could spend hours in front of them.

And on Monday afternoon, the one in our bedroom, the lower panels just shattered. We’re up on the fifth floor so we’re pretty sure that nobody threw anything at it – it was probably just the heat. That’s what the maintenance guys think too. They took the entire panel out and boarded up our window and we’ve been sunlight-less for the last three days.

I’d got to used to having bright light in all the rooms that now going in to my ‘dark’ room (my sanctuary!) depresses me. I’ve been feeling lethargic and dissatisfied with everything. SubhanAllah, how small things affect us. Of course, my first thoughts were all positive, nobody was hurt and it was meant to be and so on but now three whole days later, I’m so ready for my sun-shiny window again.

Here’s how it looked before they took out the panel.



On the positive side of things, I’ve been swimming again, and I’d forgotten how much I enjoy swimming. Of course my muscles are screaming but I like that I have the swimming thing to counter the dark bedroom thing. Something to buoy me right back up. Oh, the small Mercies of Allah SWT!


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