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August 11, 2012

the last ten nights

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Now that we’re in the last third of Ramadan, I’m trying to stay up all nights through. Today’s the 23rd of Ramadan so three nights in and I’m already showing signs of wear and tear. With the kids’ lack of routine, it gets harder. They went to bed early last night so woke at 9.30 and I only went to bed after 5.30 AM so I wasn’t exactly a happy camper this morning. Not that I was a grouch either but I definitely wasn’t my usual sunny self.

But I’m not complaining because last night’s ibadah was sweet. There’s just no other word to describe it – it’s funny if you’ve never experienced it but it just was. Besides the usual signs of laylatul qadr, one of the blessings I read about recently was that if you’re up and praying, you will want to pray more, and find sweetness in it as well. I don’t know how authentic that is but I can tell you this much, last night was everything I want the last ten nights to be. My heart was in the du’as I made and I felt something as well – I don’t know what but something. And when Z came home from qiyam, he said there was a light cool breeze blowing and I felt so blessed. We’ll never really know but hope springs eternal, does it not?

It’s not easy to do as much as the heart yearns for as a mom but with a bit of planning (for yourself) and complete lack of routine (for the kids), it is possible 🙂

May we find the most blessed of all nights this year and may Allah accept and reward our efforts immensely, Ameen!


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