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June 8, 2012

seven years

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well almost, and Z still manages to surprise me.

There’s this cartoon doing the rounds on Facebook, a couple sitting side by side on a couch, reading the papers in silence and the wife thinks to herself, after a few years of being married, you can read each other’s thoughts and the husband thinks, no you can’t – I saw that a few days ago and I thought to myself, wow, we’re almost there. Except Z can sometimes read the thoughts I didn’t even know I’d had yet too 🙂

I have exams and loads of work deadlines and I was stressed but didn’t know it. Here I was coasting along thinking, I can do this, I’m not stressed. Mind over matter, you know. And then yesterday, Z picked the kids and me up, saying we’d go buy a printer except that I was dropped off at the spa for a very relaxing back and scalp massage and mani-ped. He took the kids to the beach and I can tell you this much, the kids loved their surprise as much as I did mine.

They came to pick me, tired and happy and I walked to the car, relaxed to the point that I was practically sleep-walking. The moment I got in the car, they gave me all the pretty presents (seashells) they got me and barraged me with stories about what they did, and how much fun they had. The car ride home had an almost dream-like quality to it.

This morning, I’m back to studying and working and doing the stuff that needs to be done, feeling relaxed and cherished and admiring my pretty hands and feet every couple of hours.

Seven years down the line and I don’t find flowers and chocolates as romantic anymore, it’s these little things more than anything else – making sure the fuel tank is full on days I need the car, (finally) buying me the work table I needed just before my exams, booking the massage I don’t know I need, taking the kids swimming the morning he knows I could do with an extra hour of sleep – these are the things that make my heart glow with love for my perfect-for-me husband.

Here’s to the next seven or seventy of togetherness.


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