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November 3, 2011

letters to self

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Ever since I saw this idea on the futureme website, I’ve been obsessed with writing myself letters. I wrote Z a letter way back on the website in ’05 to be opened in ’10 and that was really fun – seeing how the both of us, and our marriage has changed over the years.

In ’08, Meryl and I decided to write letters to our future selves and email them to each other to be email back out in year. We did so and of course, we forgot all about it.

This morning, I found an email from Meryl with my letter to myself – ’08 to ’09, and it was so great reading it. I’m going to share it here.

Dear Mona,

Next year, this time, Mona, you will be celebrating Hana’s second birthday. You will most likely not be a part of Sama Dubai any longer; you will probably be a stay-at-home mom. You might be doing some free-lance assignments, and may have enrolled (or planning to) in a Montessori course.

You might be frustrated at the lack of mental stimulation from people that are older than two years. But whenever you’re inching in that direction, remember the end goal. You brought this child into this world, and your first priority is her – to nurture her to the best of your availability. She needs you and your attention more than she needs your money, or whatever is left of you at the end of a crazy work-day at Sama Dubai.

Hopefully, you’ve learnt not to spend impulsively and are managing your finances very well. Also, I really hope that you don’t suck at being a stay-at-home mom. I hope that you get all your chores done in time and greet Z when he comes home with a smile, instead of anger, or annoyance. I hope that you’re taking better care of your health and your family’s – that you are all eating better and exercising.  Are you reading more, and learning and educating yourself? Work on trying to read more non-fiction. Continuous improvement, remember? Remember how much you loved the term when you first heard it in that management course with Prof. Seaton! Live by it then, won’t you?

I hope that you’re spending time with mom and dad, and are being a support system to them, when they really need you. If they ever annoy you remember how you have infinite patience with Hana, and that they had the same with you. It’s the least you can do to give that back to them. The love, the patience and the respect.

I hope that you and Z are thinking about baby number 2. I hope that Hana’s potty-trained and talking and has been exposed to lot of kids – that will ready her for the addition to the family.  Remember that you planned a 2009 baby, and if you’re not pregnant yet, then get started thinking about it, already!

I hope that you’re being more ‘green’, giving more charity and living a more spiritual life – that you’re being a better wife, better daughter, better friend and most importantly, a good mother. In general, I hope you’re a better and happier person than you used to be in ’08.

Remember to have some fun too! I hope that you’re taking long leisurely baths occasionally, getting regular haircuts and giving yourself mani-peds and maybe planning a vacation this coming year – to some place other than India!

Be happy being you. That is my heart’s fondest wish for you.

That’s it from me.

I haven’t edited anything at all. This is me, as I was in ’08, and the things I wanted for myself in ’09. I think Mona in ’08 would be very happy with the way things stood in ’09 and now in ’11!

I wish I could do this every year.


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