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November 11, 2008

Oh Phew

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A few weeks before Noo was due to arrive, Z and I went out to dinner by ourselves. We went to family kind of place, and being a weekend, there were plenty of young families out and about. We saw one particular couple with two kids. They were each feeding one, and the children had their complete attention.

Once sated, the kids ran away to the play area and the parents resumed their dinner. I was watching closely because in a few weeks, and a then a few years, we’d be there. I was crushed that when the kids disappeared, as a couple, the husband and wife didn’t really strike up a conversation. They had one eye on the kids and were eating as fast as they could. I didn’t know their story but it broke my heart and I pointed it out to Z and told him I never wanted to be that couple.

As a couple, Z and I haven’t done a whole lot by ourselves, since Noo arrived because of the inconvenience it poses to our back-up babysitters, my parents. We get snatches of baby-free time here and there and we cherish it so. Our latest was just last week, when the monkey slept in and it was just Z and I for over four hours (we’re early risers) and it gladdened my heart so to find that we didn’t only discuss baby/family/responsibility related stuff. We made breakfast together, ate it, sorted some papers out and talked about all sorts of stuff. Long discussions about nothing, just like we used to, in the pre-baby days.

Z doesn’t really remember that couple but I do, ever so often. Five years down the line, two maybe even three kids later, I want to be able to remember them and say, phew, still haven’t turned into them.


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