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August 18, 2008

Three years ago, today

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…you and I embarked on the trip of our lives – our marriage.

Some things we’ve learned to live with, some things are just as we thought they’d be and some things are wayyy better than we ever imagined they’d be.

Our lives have changed so much over the last year and some months, with the arrival of the light of our lives – Miss Noodle – we’ve each had to take the backseat often. The essence of romantic gestures has changed too – going from effortlessly whimsical to practical – but your thoughtfulness has not. The practical are just as heart-warming and sweep me off my feet. 

On the eve of our third wedding anniversary, last night, when you turned the pointer back all the way to whimsical again, I was floored. It meant so much more than it would have the first year or even the second year – this was the exact right time for this kind of gesture and like always, you, my gorgeous husband, knew.

Here’s to a lifetime of romance as it changes flavors, grows and ages with our marriage into something well-nourished, strong and beautiful.

Happy third, sweetheart. Three years of loving and cherishing and one child later, and I still feel the same way about you. All yours, always.


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  1. I’m no softie but i have tears in my eyes…ur post is absolutely beautiful…it makes me belive…

    Congrats Mona…i hope you guys have a terrific third anniversary…and so many more to come filled with both the whimsical and the practical…and of course lots and lots more of lil ones:-)

    Comment by Melina — August 18, 2008 @ 4:59 am |Reply

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