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June 19, 2008


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Today is the day that I officially and formally resigned and one month from now, no more WOHM! I will miss making my own money and my buddies at work, but I’m really looking forward to spending my days with a foot-high person in whose eyes I can do no wrong.

I’m looking forward to seeing her early-morning-still-sleepy smiles, to cooking for her and bathing her and even getting sick of her (yea, right!). I’m really excited about having some time to read for fun (definitely forgotten how to do that), to cleaning the apartment to my anal-retentive specs and to actually maybe getting the chores done in time for every week. Maybe I’m being too optimistic with that last one, but you should always aim high, yes?

I’m excited and very nervous, all at once. I mean, all I will have to do is manage the house, and the baby and our finances and time. I know it’s not as easy or as hard as it sounds, it’s just about making it work for my family.

My fears are,

a) I will get bored (but then I get bored at work too),

b) that nothing will ever get done (high probability) and that

c) Noo will get sick of me – being stuck at home with me all day.

Oh, and my biggest fear, I’ll spend more money staying home. Don’t feel like cooking lunch, let’s order in. All chores complete and want to reward myself, let’s go shopping. Noo’s (insert new milestone), let’s buy her a toy!

I’m really looking forward to some free-lancing work, volunteering work and the like – to keep busy and to earn what I can on the side to combat the guilt of spending obscene amounts on Noo’s (and mine!) wardrobe.

So anyhoo, today’s a big day for me and I just wanted to record some of the things I’m feeling today. Here’s hoping that staying home is everything I’m hoping it is.


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  1. Hi Mona,

    I am a new first time mommy to be and so much enjoy readin your blogs! Its fun fun fun, esp since I too lived in sharjah untill a month ago and loved it and can relate to many things you say about living here in this wonderful country! Now for me, I am harshika,30 and from india. Can you believe God’s goodness….The day we bought a house here in Springs and shifted from sharjah, a week exactly after that, I got my driving license and discovered I am pregnant-all on the same day!! oh my!! I dont remember whether I was crying for the baby or the license or the house or what!!! LOL…..toooo much goodness from God is unbereable huh?
    Just thought i must de-lurk and let you know i enjoy ur blogs, i hope we can meet up some time in future and compare mommy notes!!


    Comment by harshika77 — June 26, 2008 @ 8:29 am |Reply

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