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February 5, 2007

On the eve of your wedding…(2)

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Marriage changed so many things for me – in particular, the relationships I shared with different people in our family. Most importantly, with mom and you.

It took time and hard work, but I love the place we’re at now. Where we’re both comfortable with my marriage and Z, knowing that this was the best thing that could ever have happened to me. Though, I also think that in this last year, the gap has grown wider, in the sense that we’re still fundamentally different and prone to terrible arguments and disagreements. Especially now that you’re this close to a life-changing event yourself, and I’m pregnant. We’re both so hormonal and short-tempered.

I remember the nervousness, the excitement and the fear from the months just before my own marriage only too well. I understand what you’re going through and I want to be there for you to when you have your doubts, for when you want to share your excitement, for all of that! I’m really going to try very hard to be patient and more understanding – I’m going to squish the hormonal preggy woman when I talk to you.

I’m so excited for you too; marriage is such a wonderful thing to happen. I just spent 20 minutes trying to come up with an apt definition, but I can’t. Just suffice it to say, marriage has been so wonderful for me, and I hope that it’s equally good, if not better, for you!

Marriage is in no way easy though. It requires hard work and real committment. Both, I know, you can do very well! You’re loyal and once you prioritize, I know, you’ll give it your all.

I hope that in S, you have found your soul mate, your other half. That he’s everything that you’ll ever need, and want.

I hope that he appreciates everything he has found in you – a sweet, charming, fun, strong, trustworthy and loyal yes, yes pretty too woman.

Most importantly, I hope that your wedding day is everything you ever dreamed it would be, with the perfect wedding outfit, shoes, hair and make up. That people oooh and aaah over you, that there are sparkly lights and the heady scent of flowers in the air, good will and wishes, family and your closest friends – all and more! That eternal happiness envelops you that day, to never let go.

The fact that you will be moving away scares me a little but in the end, I think it will do you good – to get away from everything you’ve ever known here and really and truly get a fresh and new start to life, postmarriage.

I don’t know and can’t predict what it will be like once you’ve moved away, how often we will see each other and talk to each other and how wrapped up we will be in our individual lives, and families – but I know that nobody that can ever take your place.


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