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November 12, 2006

Two-day weekends and related stuff

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Z finally had his first two day weekend.

I always told everybody who asked that it was a good thing that we only shared one day off (Friday) and that it worked rather well for us.

I’ve discovered that it was a lie. I just never realized how much I missed having him at home on Saturdays until yesterday. It just felt so good to not be home alone.

Ofcourse, the housework suffered. I didn’t get around to cleaning and doing laundry until well after sunset. But, hey it got done in half the time with Z helping me out.

He only has the second and fouth Saturday of every month off but it’s a lot better than none. You won’t be hearing me complain. Well, not a lot anyways.

I’m already planning something fun for our next long weekend! This weekend we drove down to Fujairah and I enjoyed the cool mountain breeze while Z and our young cousins swam. We had lunch, sat around some more and then set off for home.

On the drive back, the first rains of the seasons fell on us in Masafi. It was great for the first five minutes and then the rain got so bad; it was scary.

There’s something surreal about a rainstorm in the mountains.

P.S. I love being able to wear jeans again. Thank you Dorothy Perkins for making these great maternity jeans.


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  1. I’ve recently gone back to working every Saturday morning and boy am I missing my 2 day weekends. I’m enjoying your blog BTW. Maternity pants are the coolest are they not?

    Comment by tasmiya — November 29, 2006 @ 8:30 am |Reply

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