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October 25, 2006

Ramadan was here…

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…and now Eid is!

This is our second eid, as a married couple and our last, as just the two of us as part of our household.

It was an exciting two days, spent meeting and eating 🙂 Eid has always been about the new clothes, family and friends and really good food.

This makes me sound so selfish but this year, I didn’t I could handle anyone coming over really. I’m still avoiding housework like the plague with these aches and pains and I would never do anything to endanger the baby anyways. Wish granted, we spent most of our time out and about visiting family and friends.

It kinda felt odd though and now I wish we could have had people come over too…I love entertaining and we weren’t able to have iftaar at our place either this year.

I don’t know how we could have managed – I might have got everything ready in time for iftaar and slept through it. Or been mighty cranky and a terrible host. It was hard enough doing iftaar just for Z. Though I must admit, he did his own most days.

I’m hoping that even though this Ramadan I’ve been a total loser spiritually, I can hold on to the most important take-away from it. Practive more patience, more giving and being more aware of everything I need to be grateful for. And praying really hard for next Ramadan and for it to be better for me than this one or any other in the past.

It feels weird to be back at work today. I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about work and I can’t concentrate at work thinking about when 5 o clock will finally get here.


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