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October 10, 2006

Busy Bee

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With the advent of Ramadan (we’re almost halfway through!), and other exciting things happening, I’ve hardly had the time to stop by this blog.

I’m not fasting this year and ramadan doens’t feel like ramadan. I miss feeling part of the ‘fasting community’ – the whole brotherhood feeling, I miss feeling the piety in every cell of my body, I miss the excitement and everything else that makes ramadan Ramadan. How do you put it in words anyways?

So far my ramadan’s been about nausea, long hours spent in the car on the way back, trying to eat whatever I think I can digest (sometimes I’m right, sometimes I’m wrong) and sleeping off the constant tiredness. In between work and the first trimester of my pregnancy, Ramadan’s been about fard prayers offered as khaza, dhikr when I remember and mostly making little du’as at iftaar time. I know it’s not enough but that it suffices because I always intend to do more.

I pray that this is not my last Ramadan and that the next one is more productive, more fulfilling than this one, inshAllah.

And I pray for good things related to my pregnancy, health, delivery, baby and baby’s health.


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