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August 10, 2006

Scuba Dive IV – The End

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As we floated, feeling the sun and air on our faces and the exhasution in our bones, we conversed in single-word sentences.

Z: Okay?

Me: Okay!

And after a few minutes,

Me: Okay?

Z: Okay!

Every few minutes, we’d also try and get a look at how far we were from the shore.  It felt like we hadn’t moved at all for the longest time. We let the waves carry us back but because of their forward-backward movement, we came back just as we went forward. It was scary.

The next thing we know, we’re closer to the shore but not on the resort’s beachfront anymore but heading toward some rocks. At this point, the waves started to get stronger and bigger and we could barely navigate where we were heading.

I could see rods sticking out randomly off the rocks and at this point I was really scared because rocks are bad enough on their own but iron rods. Rusty iron rods!

Just as we realized this, a huge wave came and practically tore Z and I apart. We were at a place where we could have stood up had we wanted to but we couldn’t. I was too tired, the equipment was too heavy and I couldn’t get a grip on anything.

Next thing I knew I landed on a rock underwater, with my knee wedged and unable to move. The waves were hitting my face and upper body and I couldn’t get a grip of any of the really slippery, mossy rocks. For a moment there, I thought, this is how I’m going to die. I yelled for Z, desperate and panicked. I could see him but couldn’t tell if he was alright.

Z managed to somehow get to me, get me out and we crawled through somehow. Here’s the scary part. I can’t, for the life of me, remember how we managed. But God’s Will was in it and alhamdolillah, we made it out okay.

We sat on the shore, still partly in the water, and made sure were were both okay. Dropped off our equipment and said our Thanks to our Lord in our own ways.

We dragged our equipment and went further up to wait on A. All this time, M armed with a digicam, snapped away happily unaware of what we had just gone through. In a few minutes we saw A’s brown arms flapping around in the water and he made it to the shore much sooner and with less difficulty than we had.

We sat around for a while, trying to catch our breath before trooping off to the dive centre – a good long walk from where we were.

We got back, showered and changed. We were all starving so we drove to an Iranian restaurant and had the most amazing chelo kebab meal ever.

We set off from Fujairah a little after 4 and arrived back home around 7, dropping M & A off on the way.

All in all, the most important lesson learned was that I have many things to thank AllahSWT for and I shouldn’t be lazy or tardy where it comes to expressing this gratitude regularly.


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