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August 9, 2006

Scuba Diving III

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As our vision cleared, a whole new world appeared before our eyes. A system that we are only marginally aware of. More than 85% of our planet is water and 70% of that is yet unexplored, uncharted.

We could see some coral and anemones to our left. The anemones were gorgeous. A school of pretty blue and yellow fish swam past. And then, all I could see were the pretty bursts of color all around me, bright blue, bright yellow, silver, green – simply breathtaking.

The coral was easily the prettiest thing around. Did you know that it takes 10 to 15 years for it to grow 1 cm?

We were all awe-struck. Z and A kept poking me to show me stuff. At one point we saw a fish that was as big my forearm and the brightest silver, swim right under us. Mario kept swimming up ahead and we tried to follow, constantly distracted by the amazing display of colors and life underwater.

I saw a crab and maybe a turtle. It was so weird, the limited communication and feeling so out of my element. It really brought out in force the reality and wonder of God, subhanAllah. I’m just one grain in a bag of grains in go-down full bags of grain, in an area full of go-downs, if that makes sense to you, yet I am responsible and questionable for my deeds. I matter to God, no matter how tiny and inconsequential my life might seem to you or any one else. Alhamdolillah.

It was hard enough trying to follow Mario, but soon, because of the salt water and the oxygen, my mouth got really dry. I was so thirsty, I could have killed for a glass of cold water, right then.

After about what seemed forever and enough to make me want to get back on land, feel the air on my face and get some cold water into my system, Mario finally took a break to check our oxygen levels. Z and I were low on oxygen while A and the other woman were fine and Mario inflated our CBDs so we floated to the surface. He told us to swim or float back and return our equipment to the dive centre. We agreed, unaware of the the problems we would face.

An hour and a half of swimming and lugging heavy equipment around is tiring for anyone. Maybe not a fish or professional diver and we are neither. And we didn’t realize it but were more tired than we thought or felt at that moment.

We started to float – it’s impossible to swim with those darn flippers on. I can’t see what good they do. In less than 5 minutes I realized I could not even swim on my back. I was just too tired. Z offered to swim and I held on for dear life. We did that for a few minutes and Z couldn’t keep it up either.

We turned on our backs again and just decided to float and let the waves carry us. We were exhausted.


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