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August 8, 2006

Scuba Diving II

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M and I went off to change into our full length wetsuits. I would compare this crawling into a hole made of fire, with a diameter of less than 15 cm or maybe even less. No, really, it is that bad.

After more than 20 minutes of struggling, we finally got into our suits, hot and feeling squeezed, only to be told by Mario that we had them on backwards. Argh. Back to the changing rooms before we finally got it right. Z & A, by this time, had decided to skip the wetsuits and dive in their swimming shorts, like Mario.

One by one, the instructor asked us to lean forward, as he put our equipment on us and darn, but it was heavy. I surely would have fallen backward with 8 ks on my back. If that wasn’t bad enough, there’s a weight belt that needs to be put on, around the waist, somewhere between 2 to 4 ks, but it felt more like 40!

We trooped to the pool, already groaning under the weight, carrying our flippers and face mask. Once we got into the pool, it was much easier, since we couldn’t feel the weight of the equipment anymore. We were then asked to unfog our masks and get used to breathing with the regulators (through the mouth, instead of the nose).

Mario had us practise underwater what to do incase your mask filled up with water, or you lost your regulator or had it knocked out. We did that for a good 30-40 minutes. Z, A and I had no problems and soon we were on the floor in the deeper end of the pool, practising. M on the other hand had ear problems and after a while of trying to help her overcome her fears, Mario finally told her that it would be best if she didn’t go diving. M had arrived at the same conclusion so she went off to change and get the camera to take pictures of us.

We had originally planned on buying a disposable underwater camera but forgot. We got out of the pool, and feeling the weight even more now, since everything was wet, walked to the beach. Even harder to walk in the sand with all that weight on your back. I held on to Z and we pretty much crawled on, taking baby steps.

Once at the shore, Mario instructed us to walk into the water backwards and have our regulators ready. We walked in until just our heads were above the water and then tried to put our fins/flippers on. This proved to be impossible. The sand is constantly shifting under your feet and the waves are pushing at you. We fell over a million times, before Z and A managed to get theirs on.

I tried and tried, Z tried to put my fins on me, but we just kept falling over. Z had his fins on which made it even harder for him to get a grip. Finally, Mario inflated my CBD and asked me to float while Z put my flippers on me.

We then floated backward towards Snoopy Island, about a 100 metres from the shore. Initially, Z and I held hands and swam backward but we kept backing into each other and so decided to swim by ourselves.

With the flippers on, and without Z, I found it even harder to swim. I was already tired from the practise session in the pool and the flipper fiasco. I started to float, feeling the salt water on face and the sun in my eyes. I realized I wasn’t getting anywhere and my body was tired, so I yelled out to the group for someone to come get me.

Mario came up behind me, grabbed my tank and pretty much dragged me to where the group was waiting. He asked Z to grab my hand on one side and A on the other before we got our regulators and masks in place.

We then deflated our CBDs and started to sink underwater. For a few minutes, everything was just a pale, transparent blue and then within minutes we could see the sand bottom.


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