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August 7, 2006

Scuba Diving I

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This weekend was my first ever scuba dive. It was fun, scary and amazing all at once.

Originally planned as a total surprise by Z (I wasn’t to know until we got there), I found out just before we left home that he’d planned for us to go scuba diving with A and M. We left home at 7.30 AM and picked A&M around 8.

It was too early for M to make conversation, so on the drive to Dhaid, just me, Z and A talked about everything under the sun. We stopped at Dhaid for some breakfast, mallu style and fresh juices. Got to the Sandy Beach Hotel and Resort around 10.30 AM only to find that the instructor had taken another group out since we were late and would be back in another 30 or so minutes.

While we waited, Z and A decided to go for a swim in the sea. From the shore, we could see the Snoopy Island where we would be heading for our dive. There were plently of folks around – sun bathing, kayaking, snorkelling and fooling around in the water.

Me and M stayed back at the dive centre having the guy in-charge there talk to us about our instructor and a little bit more about diving. M wasn’t so sure about diving because she didn’t feel confident about her swimming and her ear problems.

Z & A returned and we went back to waiting for our instructor to join us. By now, we knew that his name was Mario and he was half-Lebanese and half-Italian.

Well, Mario arrived a little after 11.30. Tall and lanky, he seemed to have an air of energy around him. He took us to an room in the back of the dive centre and proceded to introduce us to the equipment and to tell us exactly what we would be doing and seeing.

We would spend a total of about 90 minutes in total and about 40-50 minutes in the resort pool getting used to being underwater with our equipment and getting comfortable in our wetsuits, before heading out to Snoopy Island. He told us a little about the wildlife – this area was a marina reserve and we had to be careful to not disturb anything while diving, especially the corals – which take anywhere between 10-15 years to grow a centimeter.

Finally, it was time to suit up.


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