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July 23, 2006

This world

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…is no place for children.

With young Israeli girls scribbling messages on missiles and pictures of little broken or burning bodies in Lebanon, dead bodies in Indonesia, homeless people in Palestine, Iraq and wherenot…this world is turning into hell, slowly and surely.

These wars that are being fought…are for land. Land that we live on, eat of and are buried in when we die. The land that provides is these, temporarily or permanently, is very much a part of our identity. We identify better with the folks who have lived on and are of the same land. Agreed. But eventually, we will all die – that’s a truth nobody can evade or escape from. In caskets, in shrouds – in this land.

The earth is so old, so very old. How many countless generations have died before us? Fought for land and died…buried in this massive grave. Every square inch of land on this earth is part of someone’s grave.

Sure, land is important, but not as important as life. Life comes first. It’s not ours to take or give.

All religions propagate that when we die, we take nothing but our deeds with us. Not land. NOT LAND. Why don’t people get that?! What is the point of fighting over and dying for land? Land that we will be buried in and neither adds to nor detracts from our deeds. Land in exchange for lives?

Pointless, senseless and stupid. 

How can anyone ask why I worry about having children? Children are a gift from God, divine miracles and they need a loving, safe environment…not war, gore and death! 

How can I promise my child a life of happiness, of love, of freedom and peace when everything is such a wreck right now?

Ultimately, it’s my faith in God that says everything that is happening, even now, has a purpose. There is a reason for this, some good in it, that is beyond our understanding. Only faith can, afterall, get you or me or anyone else through trying times.

If my baby is meant to live a life in these times, he will, for his betterment. Whatever God wills.

I will do what I have to. Pray and trust.



  1. Your baby could be a she! I want a she. iA. Someone I can shop for at Carter’s and get cute purple track pants!
    Also, land is quite important you know. You are required to defend your land. I mean, you can’t expect people to give their land away. But yea, while I agree with you that it’s probably a front by Israel to take land and generally cause anarchy, their claimed motive is different. Oh well. Same difference I guess. iA things will get better soon.

    Comment by misha — July 23, 2006 @ 11:58 am |Reply

  2. *sob* I feel like keeping bebe in a little soft box until the citizens of earth can learn to behave themselves

    Comment by leclair — July 30, 2006 @ 5:58 am |Reply

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