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July 13, 2006

My two cents

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The world has heard and read about the blasts in Bombay. The same blasts that killed 190 and injured 700+ innocent folks.

Honestly, this is maybe the first time that something like this has affected me in such way. I’m against the attacks by the so-called muslim jihadists worldover. It does not even have to do with the fact that it’s closer to home. Or that it’s been linked indirectly to Aurangabad, my parents’ hometown and residence of quite a few relatives. I don’t even know why this particular incident stands apart.

Just that I’m overcome with disbelief, anger and so much sadness. What kind of muslims practise this Islam – that preaches no compassion, lots of violence and pointless bloodshed? Why do they interpret and practise differently the religion that I love and practise – the one of equality and unity, respect, compassion and most of all tolerance?

What is the real motive hiding behind the term jihad?

The thing I suppose that bothers me the most is how when this attack was infact targeted the entire community (it was a public train, who could have predicted how many hindus or muslims or maharashtrians or gujaratis would have been on it?) yet the muslim community is now going to have to watch their every step. Countless women worried about their most likely innocent sons, husbands, brothers and fathers who might be rounded up

Anyways, I don’t know what the point of this post is except that I’m shaken up by this senseless act – the loss of lives, the injuries and the consquences that will follow.

I pray that God guides each of us to do the right thing.


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