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July 4, 2006

Turning 25

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Sunday felt like any other ordinary day…just so normal. Z’d been down with throat infection and slight flu since Wednesday night so most of Saturday was spent taking care of him and watching the Portugal-England match. Even though my parents, siblings and husband had been talking about plans for Sunday, I was pretty adamant that we keep it low-key this year. I was still in shock, 25 years is a long time to have been around and I have so many things to be grateful for…I’m going to be classified as late-twenties someone in a year or two..scary.

Anyways, so the day started off just as I wanted it, with only family and Z and my closest friends wishing me, though to be honest I slept through most of the midnights texts and calls. Z was just too sick to go to work, so I left him in bed fast asleep and headed off to work. Just my team knew it was my birthday, so they took me out for a quick lunch at the Noodle House and we had the requisite discussion on what year was their ‘shocker’ year. Most people, I hear it’s 25. Mid-twenties shock, let’s call it.

I called Z a few times to make sure he was doing okay. It’s hard to concentrate at work when you know your partner-in-crime is down and out and all alone at home. Got home to find Z still a mess, but a bouquet of beautiful flowers waiting for me. I was just so tired so we spent the evening in bed, despite Z constantly telling me that he wanted to take me out to buy my birthday gift (no he’s still not allowed to buy me jewellery until I’ve taken a look at it!) Got done with dinner with family and some relatives (not a birthday dinner, something else, long story) and got home, Z was in such high spirits and insisted I put on something pretty so he could take pictures to send his mom. I agreed, even though it seemed a little mad to do it at almost midnight.

To cut a long story short, I had a little birthday celebration at home, a complete surprise, with my closest friends and family…only little before midnight…complete with a delicious mocha cake and candles. I was blown away by the fact that Z would go through the trouble of organizing such a thing for me despite him being so sick. And my family for making it so special.

That’s my sorry excuse for a post today and as soon as my headcold leaves me some space to think, I shall spit out a real post.


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